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Safety Information


At LUMI we are fully committed to offering products that meet the highest safety standards. All LUMI products have been tested and have passed CE & UKCA (the UK CE equivalent) standards. During production, we have rigorous QC procedures in place to limit the percentage of faulty products. A huge amount of LUMI products are sold each year and even though we endeavour to make sure 100% of the products are made to the highest standards, regrettably a very small percentage of units can sometimes become faulty.

If you find the manufactured quality of your LUMI product to be unsatisfactory, do not use the product. Instead contact us via email:


When using a LUMI to help your baby sleep, The Lullaby Trust safe sleep advice is simple: the safest cot is a clear cot. So please do not leave your LUMI inside the cot with your baby unsupervised. For this reason, all our portable machines feature a handy hook allows you to clip the machine onto cot rails or moses basket handles for safe use overnight without supervision.


When charging your LUMI it is important that you use the USB cable provided, with a 5V-1A USB mains power adapter. If you use a more powerful adapter you may risk damage to the battery. We also advise that you don't leave your machine consistently on charge, as this may also risk damage to the battery.


When you are finished using your LUMI, please don’t just throw it away! Perhaps you could store it away for another baby, or donate it to a pregnant friend or local charity - we recommend searching for your local baby bank.

If you have any questions or concerns about your LUMI, do not use your machine and instead email: