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We've All Heard About White Noise - But What About Pink & Brown Noise?

We've All Heard About White Noise - But What About Pink & Brown Noise? - LUMI Sleep

We all want better sleep, right? One way to achieve that is by using different types of soothing sounds, like white, pink, and brown noise. You have probably already heard of white noise, a calming hum that helps you sleep better. But there's more to discover with both pink noise, which sounds like steady rain or ocean waves, and brown noise, which is deeper and rumbling like heavy rain or a strong shower. All of these sounds have some unique benefits - why not give them a go?

The Wonder of White Noise

White noise is like a soothing hum that combines all the sounds you can hear. Imagine the soft, steady sound of a fan or TV static. White noise is excellent for improving your sleep because it acts like a sound blanket, covering up other noises that might wake you up. It's also great for helping you concentrate, especially when there's a lot of noise around. It's like creating your own little world of calm and focus.

Diving into Pink Noise

Pink noise is a bit deeper and even more calming than white noise. Think of it as the gentle sound of a steady rain shower, the wind gently rustling leaves in a forest, or the relaxing waves at the beach. Pink noise helps you unwind and sleep better because it masks or muffles other sounds. It's like having your personal lullaby to help you doze off peacefully.

Getting to Know Brown Noise

Brown noise, also sometimes called red noise, is like a deeper, rumbling sound. It's more bass-heavy than pink and white noise. Picture the deep, steady sound of heavy rain pouring outside your window or the strong, soothing rush of water from a powerful shower. But here's an interesting twist: studies have found that brown noise can help people who have a ringing sound in their ears, a condition known as tinnitus.

Using Coloured Noise for Better Sleep

If you're thinking about trying these sounds to help you sleep, we've got you covered. Our LUMI White Noise Machine Pro offers both white and pink noise options. If you want even more choices, our app-connected machine includes white, pink, and brown noise. Why not give it a go and discover how these unique sounds can help you to get a longer, deeper nights sleep.